Raised Beds at the Bed and Breakfast

Now for an update on the progress of the garden at The Tefft House Bed and Breakfast:


Spring is officially in full swing! With school being out, there has been steady progress at the B&B. Recently, the raised beds were finished! Check it out:

So what you’re looking at here all used to be grass lawn. Last fall, the site was sheet mulched (aka “lasagna mulching” or layering newspaper/cardboard, organic material, compost, and mulch) as a no-till method of conversion. Then, the beds were marked out, stones were placed, and compost was added into the area inside the stones. Raised beds can be made out of any number of different materials, but we chose stone for two main reasons: the first is because we already had a large amount of these stones on site that we could reuse (and thus were free), and the second is that stone possesses a significant amount of thermal mass, the ability to retain heat. This is good because here in Minnesota, those stones release the heat at night and help protect plants from frost. This, along with hoop houses and other strategies, can help extend the short growing season.Tomorrow we will be planting annual polycultures!

View from the second floor of the Tefft House Bed & Breakfast.