Becky Home-Ecky

I have decided to take a page out of my Mother’s book and learn how to sew. My Mom has been making me dresses, blankets, costumes, even formal wear, for my entire life. Finally, as I was giving a stack of cloths to my mom to patch up or repair, it occurred to me that I *really* should know how to mend my own cloths, and it’d be great to be able to make my own dresses, curtains, and other projects out of fabric. Plus, I have a hand-me-down Janome sewing machine in great shape that I inherited from my step-mom, Marsha, that is just sitting in my closet. So I asked my Mom for some lessons, whipped that puppy out, and got her going. I decided to start with this apron from the pattern See & Sew B5125. I think it turned out quite well!